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Anna Lisa Martin

Technology-mediated experience of space while playing digital sports games

The general aim of the research project presented in this paper is to analyze the different interactions between human, technology and space within ex-isting theoretical frameworks from different disciplines and to apply these approaches to digital sports games. One particular aim is to investigate the impact of playing expertise or a manipulation of game situations, as well as the use of different technical devices on game experience and how game ex-periences in the ‘virtual’ world transfer to the ’real‘ world. The core as-sumption is that the interposition of technology brings up specific transfor-mations in the coupling of perception and action that do not exist in real sports situations. The project is based on a generic framework relating theory and empirical results.
In the exploratory phase guideline-based qualitative interviews were applied after playing a dance game. Results confirm the feasibility of the theoretical approach. There is, e.g., a correlation between high scores and the feeling of spatial presence. Participants with previous dancing experience felt more in-volved in the game. Further studies in the experimental phase are planned to reveal more details.

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Anna Lisa Martin was born in 1984 in Hadamar, Germany. In 2003, she graduated at the Fürst-Johann-Ludwig-Schule. She subsequently completed a voluntary social year in the orthopedic department of the St. Josef Hospital in Wiesbaden, followed by the master’s degree in sports science and education at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. During and after graduation, she worked for the Kieser Training AG in Wiesbaden as instructor and therapist. Since January 2010, she has been a scholar in the Graduate Program “Topology of Technology” at the TUD. Her research interests are in the field of computer science in sports, motor research, psychology of perception and movement science.


Anna Lisa Martin
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