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Dr. Michael Kickmeier-Rust

Educationally Adaptive and Beyond: Balanced Games for Balanced Learning

A key factor of the success and efficacy of an educational medium is the extent to which it is capable of addressing the preference, abilities, strength, weaknesses, and goals of individual learners. The same holds true for serious, in particular educational, games. Because the key strength of serious games is seen in their intrinsic motivational potential, it’s all about focusing on the learners. More importantly, in contrast to conventional educational systems, in games this means to account for both, a game related and an educational related hemisphere. This report attempts to emphasize the importance of advancing a construct such “educational game AI” and it illustrates recent technologies and approaches.

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Michael is specialized in cognition and knowledge psychology, he is an experienced project manager and software developer. His research and development activities focus primarily on technology-enhanced learning, in particular intelligent, adaptive educational systems and human-computer interaction. Michael is striving for an evolution of psycho-pedagogical frameworks and models for efficient, effective, and immersive learning together with smart personalization, which includes individualized learning experiences within learning environments as well as non-invasive assessment and interventions. Since 2010 Michael is with the Knowledge Management Institute at Graz University of Technology.


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