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Spatial perception and spatial experience in 3D worlds

3D sports

This poster provides an overview of the research project ‘Sports in three dimensional television – Effects on spatial perception and spatial experience’.
Hence, the differences of spatial perception and spatial experience between 2D vs. 3D worlds are examined - whilst taking into account the Game Industry as well as Serious Gaming.
In the theory section, the quantitative mechanisms of depth perception and the experience of (spatial) presence as multidimensional and qualitative concept are considered. Problems concerning the 3D technology are outlined.
Moreover, research questions and hypotheses are presented as well as the planned multilevel analysis, containing qualitative interviews, experiments and performance tests. As qualitative guideline-based interviews have already been applied with 3D producers, the content of the interviews as well as the form of the analysis and the interpretation rules are demonstrated.
Benefits from this research project for the Game Industry and Serious Gaming are outlined.
In addition to the poster presentation, a demonstration of 3D sports on a 3DTV is planned.


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